Who We Are

A Team with Vision for Entrepreneurs

Having worked in major multi-nationals, been active investors, and experienced the excitement and difficulties of being entrepreneurs we felt we had a unique set of skills and experience that could provide significant benefit to early stage companies, their people, and the ecosystems that are working hard to support them.


Over the years we have seen many common issues that all companies face and felt that we could help ‘bridge’ a number of these by creating a Business Building philosophy that focuses on the business-related and people-related aspects of any venture. We call this the A2 Business Development Methodology ™


When creating the vision and value system for our company, we focused strongly in assessing what had driven others, fueled their passion and curiosity, and allowed them to be successful in various business ventures and their personal lives. This was a critical process that we now utilize with all the companies and people we interact with and highlighted two key success factors Passion for the Business, and Passion for the People involved.


As a result our company vision is to → work on the projects we love with the people we care about, trust and respect.


We are also strong believers in “Standing on the shoulders of giants”.As a result, we decided to create A2 as a dynamic business vehicle that leverages our business partnerships, investor partnerships, government sponsorships, and global management talent. Leveraging the strength of these networks allows us to offer greater value to our portfolio companies, the other companies we assist, and to the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole.


Critical to empowering these powerful networks is a set of values that create the unique culture for A2. Giving Trust1 as an essential value across the team and ecosystem, ensuring we Make a Difference2 to the networks and the people within them, to always Innovate and Stimulate3 to keep transforming, while always accepting the Risk and Responsibility4 that comes with building businesses. Lastly, we create a Sense of Belonging5 to bond us all together.


We are delighted you have taken the time to visit us and we look forward to working with you, working for you, and interacting with you for many years to come.

A2 Consulting

Enabling the next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Key Focus


A2 Consulting is a builder of ecosystems that allow entrepreneurs to flourish. It does this by building business accelerators in multiple locations around the world and connecting them to provide a global network. Within each accelerator we have designed a business enablement program to allow all stakeholders and participant to work in a common and structured way.


Think of the analogy of the American Idol’ show. It provides the ecosystem for young singers to flourish (the TV program) as well as a well defined enablement program (the TV format) to produce the next generation of American talent – This is our approach for technology entrepreneurs.


As well as creating our playing field, we also provide additional services to the early stage companies to assist them grow. These services range from education, planning assistance, strategy, through to actual fund raising and client engagements.


Key Services


A2 Consulting offers the following services:

  1. To design and build a business accelerator for a territory, large company, or government
  2. To manage the accelerators and apply our business development programs to provide the glue for all participants
  3. To provide auxilliary services to the entrepreneurs and early stage companies as they grow through the program

We are incented via several options:

  1. Retainer fees to design and build the accelerators
  2. Retainer fees to manage the accelerators
  3. Services fees for any services offered to the entrepreneurs and early stage companies

A2 Partners

Building and Accelerating your Business

Key Focus


A2 Partners is a business builder and accelerator. We are there to help you build your business over the long term in a spirit of true partnership.


A2 Partners engages when we find exciting and game changing businesses that need extra support to see them take off. More importantly, we look for founding teams with a clear vision, a passion to change the world, and the drive to see it through – no matter what! If your like this then we should connect!


Our unique value proposition lies in our strong track record of building businesses from small to large over 20 years. We have experienced most of the ups and downs of such a journey and know the serious commitment that is entailed. As a result of this experience we have managed to develop a world-class network of investors, human talent, and partner companies designed to help you accelerate your business. Furthermore, to assist you, we have designed a business development methodology that will quickly allow you to focus on the critical elements of business building to prevent reinventing wheels.


Key Services


A2 Partners offer the following services:

  1. Engagement to build your business with responsibilities for strategic planning, fund raising, client and partner acquisition, through to exit planning
  2. We will sit on, and assist to create a world-class board of directors to strengthen your brand and experience
  3. We will invest (directly or indirectly), in the business to ensure we are aligned over the long term

We are incented via several options:

  1. A retainer fee for the day to day business building assistance and Service fees for specific project-based work.
  2. Equity in the form of stock options for any board members allocated to your company
  3. Equity for any direct investment OR Equity for any indirect investment

A2 Investments

Fuelling Innovation of the Future

A2 Investments consists of a large group of Super Angels and Institutions who came together to help fuel the growth of early stage companies around the world.


Funding is the life line of any business and it is critical to get the right money from the right people at the right time. We have built, and continue to expand, the A2 Investment Network to provide this to many of our portfolio and partner companies.


We are interested in investing in all phases of a company’s development from start-up, early stage, growth, to becoming a larger company and we engage the right investor group accordingly.


If you are interested to join this group of investors and be part of a world-class network then please contact us at:


A2 Investments

Andrew Shields
+65 97376200


Contact Us

Our primary contact details are


A2 Group
6 Commonwealth Lane
#03-02 Singapore 149547